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Designed in Europe, Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical virtually painless procedure performed by moving a sterile hand piece gently across the skin’s surface delivering a jet of micro crystals. This advanced dual function technique of exfoliation (crystals) and aspiration (suction), remove surface imperfections while stimulating the production of collagen beneath the skin’s surface.

Microdermabrasion is a safe, painless and effective way to treat:

Aging Skin:
Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Brown Spots – hyperpigmentation

Acne Skin:
Acne Scars, Congested Skin, Blemished Skin

Devitalized Skin:
Dull, Thickened skin, Deep Skin Peeling

Skin Abnormalities:
· Stretch Marks
· Chicken Pox Scars
· Sun Damage
· Rosacea
· Couperous (Broken Capillaries)
· Tattoo/Permanent Makeup Removal

What to Expect After Treatment

Level 1 – Beauty Flash
The skin may feel tight as if exposed to the sun or wind for a while after treatment. Keep the skin well moisturized with the proper products as advised by your therapist. Avoid sun exposure.

Level 2 – Treatment for thick and deep skin abnormalities
The skin will appear slightly red and swollen from a few hours to a few days for more sensitive skin. Some may experience peeling of the skin.

Level 3 – Deep treatment for scar tissue and stretch marks.
The skin will look red and may swell. Slight blood spotting may occur immediately after treatment and healing may take 3 to 4 days or longer. It is worth it for the results that you will experience.

Post Treatment Care

Microdermabrasion Homecare Instructions:
1. For the next 24 hours, strenuous exercise, or any exercise that causes excessive perspiration is not recommended. While it will not harm you or hinder your skin care treatment progress, the perspiration can be irritating.
2. It is imperative that NO TANNING is done while you are undergoing these treatments, as you may burn severely and reduce the results that may be obtained. Use a sun block of 30 SPF or higher for at least 4-5 days.
3. Gentle cleansing and cosmetics can be used immediately, but NO exfoliating products such as: glycolic acid, Retin-A, Renova, etc… for 3 days before, through 3 days after treatments.
4. Refrain from waxing, electrolysis or depilatories for at least 7 days.
5. Drink additional water.
6. Use of cold compresses can provide relief from the “wind-burned” feeling.
7. Recommended mineral make-up may be applied within one hour posttreatment.
8. Your treated skin may be sensitive to any alpha-hydroxy products, retinoid products and the sun for number of days.
9. Use good skin care products and practice to maintain skin.

Treatment Process

  • Level 1

    Beauty Flash

  • Level 2

    Treatment for thick and deep skin abnormalities

  • Level 3

    Deep treatment for scar tissue and stretch marks

Complete Price Packages

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Individual Treatments $125
3 Treatments $325
6 Treatments $675

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